Edtech Projects: Disruptive
Innovation In Higher Education

Since 2012, U.S. universities have partnered with EdTech companies, revolutionizing higher education, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This article discusses the impact of remote learning and highlights the case of Proctorio, a leader in online education. Proctorio’s innovation lies in its scalable SaaS solution, enabling fast AI-based test validation. The paper also addresses how EdTech projects, like Proctorio, drive disruptive innovation and new business models in higher education.

Đordević M,. Slavinski T., Bjelica D. (2022). Edtech projects: Disruptive innovation ni higher education, XVIII International Symposium, Sustainable Business Management and Digital Transformation: Chalenges and Opportunities ni the Post-Covid Era, Bok of Abstracts, SYMORG 2022 . Belgrade, June 11-14, 2022.

Women’s Economic Empowerment
through Tourism: A Case Study of Selected
Western Balkans Countries

Tourism is recognized as a crucial avenue for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment on national, regional, and global levels. However, the persistent lack of women’s empowerment worldwide necessitates further research. This paper examines opportunities for women to enhance their socio-economic status through the tourism industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia. Qualitative research methods were employed, involving a survey of 388 women working in the tourism sector in these countries. The findings, presented through descriptive analysis, compare the perspectives of women aged 18 to 65, their education levels, and the obstacles they face in entrepreneurial activities within the tourism sector. The study suggests that training, additional education, and financial support would significantly aid women in establishing their tourism businesses in the region. Financial assistance is particularly crucial in supporting women’s businesses in the tourism sector.

Pavlović, D., Bjelica, D., Bodroža, D., Jovičić, E., & Pindžo, R. (2022). Women’s Economic Empowerment through Tourism: A Case Study of Selected Western Balkans Countries. Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education.

Educating Youth On Project Sustainability –
Project Engagement And Recognition Of The Green Deal

The European Green Deal promotes sustainability and environmental protection within the EU. This paper highlights the vital role of youth in achieving its goals, especially in local self-government. Research on Serbian university and secondary school students in 2022 revealed a lack of environmentally friendly habits and sustainable education among youth. The study’s implications are discussed.

Gajović, A., Bjelica, D., Pavlović, D., & Vukmirović, D. (2023). Educating youth on project sustainability: project engagement and recognition of the green deal. Applied ecology and environmental research: international scientific journal.

Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions among Serbian youth – life satisfaction,
extracurricular activities and institutional trust

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted vulnerable workers, particularly those in insecure, informal, and low-paid jobs. Young people transitioning from education to the labor market are at a higher risk. Self-employment can enhance their employability, especially given limited job opportunities. This study explores the factors influencing entrepreneurial intentions among Serbian youth aged 18-24. A survey of 1,600 students revealed that around 22% plan to engage in entrepreneurship after completing their education. The research uses a multinomial logit regression model to identify key determinants of youth’s decision to start their own businesses, including socio-demographic factors, family and social capital, and institutional trust. The results can inform policymakers on creating a more conducive entrepreneurial environment and improving education policies.

Djukic M., Pavlovic D., Bodroza D., Bjelica D. (2023). Determinants of entrepreneurial intentions among Serbian youth – life satisfaction, extracurricular activities and institutional trust. Midterm Conference 202: Youth in the Post-Pandemic: From Experiences of Inequalities to New Opportunities for Solidarities. ESA Research Network 30 Youth and Generation. 20.-23.9.2023. Sardinia, Italy.